Noah’s House

Sitting quietly at one of the tables in the dining room at Noah’s House, David has spent many hours knitting warm, winter hats for people who are homeless. So far, he has knitted more than 50 hats himself and has begun to teach some of the other 45 residents at Noah’s House how to knit hats. 

Noah’s House is home to 45 men and women with special needs, and during COVID-19, many of them, including David, have been unable to work and earn money of their own. Since they began to quarantine in late March, the residents have been spending their days doing arts and crafts, exercising, doing puzzles, watching TV, playing cards and board games, and hoping one day they will not need to quarantine and will be able to return to work, attend movies, go out to eat, go on field trips, and do so much more.

David has lived at Noah’s House since 2010. He calls the residents and staff “family” and has thrived since he became a resident after living at another facility in Louisiana for many years. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, David worked several days a week, helping to beautify city streets, and washing dishes for Noah’s House on Saturdays.

At first, David knitted hats with the intention of selling them to earn money. Soon after, he became aware of the struggles other people were facing during COVID and decided to give back by knitting hats for those in need.

Today, David and the other residents are knitting hats to donate to the clients of Bread of Life, Inc., a nonprofit that began in 1992 with a simple mission to serve hot meals to homeless men and women in downtown Houston. The staff at Noah’s House teach the residents that giving back can benefit our health, make us feel happier, and reduce stress.