Amazing 102.5 Leadership and
Board of Directors


Diversity Statement

As a community outreach program of the Bread of Life, Inc., (BOL) Amazing 102.5 FM Public Radio is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion to maintain a fair, unbiased work environment and to enhance its ability to effectively serve the public. BOL embraces the diversity goals, policies and procedures Amazing 102.5 FM has developed in order to be “a welcoming community committed to inclusive excellence and celebration of difference” and to create “a campus community rich with diversity of ethnicity, race, gender and gender identity, nationality, age, language, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, disability, and political affiliation.”

Amazing 102.5 FM rigorously supports and follows BOL’s nondiscrimination policies, ethics policies, and commitments to equal opportunity, affirmative action and diversity. 

AMAZING 102.5 FM Diversity Goals

To recruit and retain a diverse workforce that is representative of its service area.

 To provide equal opportunity in employment.

To educate its management and staff in best practices for maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment for all persons.

AMAZING 102.5 FM Diversity Practices and Initiatives

AMAZING 102.5 FM  is committed to diversity and equal employment opportunity in every aspect of personnel policy and practice including: recruitment, selection, placement, training and advancement of employees.

Recruitment for employment opportunities at AMAZING 102.5 FM takes place through an open and fair process consistent with BOL Human Resource department guidelines.

AMAZING 102.5 FM job postings are submitted to professional minority organizations consistent with its established FCC EEO program with the goal of attracting a diverse candidate pool. Special effort will be made by AMAZING 102.5 FM  management and search committee members to recruit minority candidates.

AMAZING 102.5 FM  management and other appropriate staff will attend training seminars or workshops in order to learn ways to create a more diverse workforce and to maintain a culture of respect and non-discrimination. AMAZING 102.5 FM  management will review practices designed to fulfill AMAZING 102.5 FM ’s commitment to diversity and to meet applicable FCC guidelines, as documented in AMAZING 102.5 FM ’s annual FCC EEO Report and its annual Diversity Report.